How to Usenet Guide

This Usenet guide is written for beginners and those who want to learn more about Usenet and newsgroups.

Inside our How to Usenet Guide

If you are brand new to Usenet and would like to learn more about the history, terms, and related information definitely check out Wikipedia. They are a great resource on the topic. We thought about creating our own section for this purpose but the Wikipedia contributors have done a great job already.

Our focus will be in three areas:
1. Selecting a Usenet Provider
2. Picking a Newsreader Client
3. Usenet Resources

We begin our "How to Usenet" Guide with tips on selecting a Usenet provider. With so many options out there this step can be quite daunting. Our 10 easy tips will help you narrow down the choices.

Next we'll move on to picking a Newsreader client. Usenet providers are covered first because some offer free or discounted newsreaders. With that said be careful not to choose a provider solely based on a free newsreader offer. The software is only as good as the server it connects to. With tons of good newsreaders out there we will give you a list of features to look for depending on the type of newsgroups you enjoy most.

We finish our How to Usenet guide with a list of Usenet resources. These resources include reviews of Usenet providers and newsreaders, free Usenet trials, information to secure connections, Usenet serach engines, and more.